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Geometric design begins with understanding the present site condition. For which alignment survey is carried out using different types of data collection techniques to know the natural terrain and topography. Various types of surveying instruments like GPS, total station, auto-level or any other modern technologies are used.

But bringing all these data into single platform for finalizing the highway alignment and carrying out the optimum route selection requires multiple iterations and alterations. AutoRoads provides all the required tools for efficient geometric design including curve designing, gradient, right-of-way etc.

Quick Alignment Design

Swift DTM creation facilitates longitudinal section and cross section generation extremely fast. Afterwards, horizontal and vertical alignment design is done considering design parameters like design speed, curve radius, transition, superelevation, widening.

Flexibility to combine automatic and manual way of geometric design provides the highway design engineer required choices to achieve the best alternative. Final drawings can be made presentable with the necessary information using the best of the styles.

Accurate Quantity Estimates

AutoRoads features unique integration between geometric design and accurate quantity take-off as the software comes bundled with Road Estimator. That gives the designer complete control to expedite the process for various design options with quantities.

Cut and fill depths can be easily changed in geometric design with quantities of each material including earthwork, pavement layers, profile correction, drain and retaining walls etc.

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Geometric Design

Horizontal Curve Design
Vertical Curve Design
Existing & Proposed Data
Calculation of Super Elevation & Extra Widening
Profile Synchronization Tools
Alignment Sheet Generation

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Complete Package

We were looking for a geometric design software that could help us in detailed project report preparation of different types of roads. We have known Infycons for a long time and trusted that the software – AutoRoads developed by them would address our requirements, happy about my decision.

Surya Rath
Suvadra Consultants

Easiest to Adapt

Many of us in the road construction industry know about Road Estimator, however I would like to mention that it combined with AutoPlotter i.e. AutoRoads could prove very useful during the construction phase because of XYZ format data support and geometric design capabilities. For us, it surely has.

Prem Prakash Soni

indian oil


Is AutoRoads and AutoPlotter with Road Estimator same?

Yes, both are same.

What is the difference between AutoRoads and Road Estimator?

Road Estimator is mainly for cross-section generation and quantity takeoff whereas AutoRoads can be used even for geometric alignment design.

Is design menu part of AutoPlotter?

Design menu is activated in AutoPlotter only for the users of AutoPlotter with Road Estimator (AutoRoads).

Do I need to install AutoPlotter and Road Estimator separately?
Yes, AutoRoads is a combination two applications i.e. AutoPlotter and Road Estimator and both have to be installed separately.
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