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Earthwork calculation software is an important tool for civil engineering professionals. It makes it easier for engineers to create accurate plans for projects because they can create detailed drawings and reports using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This type of software allows engineers to make changes easily without having to recalculate all their data again. The program also provides them with useful information about how much soil is needed for each stage of construction and how much bedding material will be required after each phase has been completed. Earthwork calculation software can also help civil engineers determine which materials should be used in different parts of projects so that they do not end up wasting money on excess supplies or materials that were not needed at all.

Benefits of Earthwork Calculation Software

Earthwork Calculation software comes with many benefits, here are some of them:
It helps you to save time and money on planning and resources utilization
It helps you to understand the calculations better
It helps you to improve your efficiency
It helps you to save effort by reducing the number of steps that you need to take when calculating the earthwork. This means that you can focus on other aspects of your business and not have to worry about calculating these calculations yourself.
It can be used in different industries so there is no need for specialised knowledge or training when using this software.

The use of earthwork calculation software has become a necessity for most businesses involved in construction projects. The reason for this is because it helps to calculate the amount of money that needs to be invested on the project, which will help ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

Where do we use earthwork calculation software?

Earthwork calculation software can be used as earthwork estimating software to add up the volumes of materials, or calculate the volume of excavation.

The software is used in a variety of situations, including:

Estimating volume of earthwork (e.g., grading) - Grading is the process of leveling or smoothing out an area, especially to prepare it for construction. This is a very necessary step to create a stable foundation that will not be disrupted by the building process. It can also be used in other fields such as agriculture, forestry, and navigation.
Adding up the volumes of materials (e.g., fill) - Generally required while constructing embankments, finding stock volumes, dams, and other earth-filled structures.
Calculating excavation volume (e.g., cut)- Majority of the construction activities require certain amount of cut either to construct foundations or providing stability to the superstructures.

Earthwork calculation software features

The software provides a CAD based graphical interface that is easy to use, with a user-friendly drawing editor. It has all the required tools to create, edit, manage the drawings, and supports different types of drawing formats to exchange the files.
The user easily inputs the required data to calculate the earthwork volume and get relevant drawings & reports. Based on the project, there could be one set of data covering initial levels of the site or there could be multiple sets of data after each progress of work i.e., cutting or filling the ground. With advancement in land surveying technologies, there are different types of instruments that can collect data. The software accepts the data and gives user the flexibility to modify them as and when required.
The software provides an interactive environment where users can make changes to their projects and get the results quickly. This can happen because of corrections in data, site boundaries or influence of other external factors. Even method of calculation needs to be changed altogether.
The software provides all the required and popular methods for calculation so that the user can choose or verify results using method of choice. Generally, these calculations are done using section-based method wherein area / volume reports are obtained using Trapezoidal method / Simpson’s rule. Here, cross sections are generated along with detailed reports to justify the calculation. Apart from this earthwork volume can be calculated using grid, DTM or elevation methods too.

AutoPlotter developed by Infycons is a proven software for earthwork calculation. It has built-in CAD interface and comes with all the required features to perform the volume calculation with speed and accuracy. Moreover, it supports various methods of calculation, so the required on can be chosen, worked with and it can be verified with other methods as well. The software automatically generates drawings and reports in detail as per the method chosen.

Our ProductsProducts
AutoPlotter, a flagship product of Infycons, is one of the most popular and powerful software for surveying community. AutoPlotter is being used by leading consulting firms, contracting firms, government & public bodies and surveying professionals around the globe to interface with surveying field equipments, process and produce final deliverables with lot of ease.
GIS+ provides value addition for mapping with functionalities of automatic parcel / block creation. This can be further overlayed with attributes that can be attached to entities. With query based search, data can be represented in drawing for visualization that will ultimately help in better decision making. Specifically useful for field staff to quickly prepare maps and attach attributes to them so that it can be adopted into the standard GIS environment.
AutoPlotter Advanced is originated from the idea to support the land surveyor who carries out the survey to generate topographic and contour maps on a regular basis. With built-in CAD and all the necessary features required to generate complete drawing, it is the most affordable solution available in the industry.
Canal Section Estimator (CanSE) module is ideal for cross section generation and quantity calculation of canal and other irrigation works. CanSE has features for drop design based on criteria which is particularly useful for design of branch canals. During cross section definition, CanSE is equipped to define drains, dowels, spoil banks, service roads and lining & pitching and various other elements. CanSE can be efficiently used in new canal construction as well as during re-surfacing and strengthening of existing canal.
Quantity takeoff of varying road construction layers
Road Estimator
Road Estimator is widely used software that eases the process of creating cross-section and quantity calculation of road works. With unlimited road templates and road related feature definition, the software is used for expressways, national highways, ODR & any kind of road construction. Tools for auto-detection and calculation of Profile Corrective Course (PCC), vertical curve design and preparation of as-built drawings make Road Estimator a unique solution for road consultants and contractors.
Surveying Solutions
AutoRoads is a complete design suite catering to the consultants and contractors involved in highway design and construction. AutoRoads features unique integration between geometric design aspects giving the designer complete control during entire design process. To offer flexibility in managing survey data and to make it more suitable to road construction activity, AutoRoads comes bundled with AutoPlotter and Road Estimator.


What is the purpose of earthwork calculation software?

Earthwork calculation software helps the civil engineering team to do proper planning of the entire project by calculating cut and fill volumes required for any construction site. This in turn helps for lower labour and materials cost and get assistance in the bidding process. This is one of the very important software required in the field of civil engineering for all types of projects.

What are the key features of earthwork calculation software?

The ability to generate interim earthwork reports as projects advance is one of the key features of earthwork volume calculation software. Additionally, it produces comprehensive quantity computation (Quantity take off) reports utilising the block approach or the triangulation method. Without engaging in complex surface development, it also builds elevation grids or block levels.

Who can use our earthwork calculation software?

Any surveyor or civil engineer with the knowledge to operate earthwork calculation software, and basic computer handling skills can use Infycons software to make her work easy and accurate.

What is cross section-based earthwork calculation in surveying?

Based on field cross-sections obtained in a specific way both before and after excavation, the amount of earthwork is calculated. Vertical profiles called “cross-sections” are taken perpendicular to the survey centerline. Each section is an area defined by the original ground surface, the finished surface and side slopes.

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