Land Surveyor’s ChoiceAutoPlotter® AdvancedAutoPlotter® Advanced

Affordable software for fulfilling the day-to-day basic requirements of land surveying.

AutoPlotter Advanced is originated from the idea to support the land surveyor who carries out the survey to generate topographic and contour maps on a regular basis. With built-in CAD and all the necessary features required to generate complete drawing, it is the most affordable solution available in the industry.

Developed on the same powerful DTM engine that is being used in AutoPlotter Pro, the software is equipped for faster survey data processing. With all the required CAD and other tools, data collected using total station, GPS or other similar instruments can be imported directly into AutoPlotter Advanced and complete final drawing in a presentable format can be generated.

Infycons continues to follow the principle of providing easy to use solutions. Keeping the same practice, this latest addition assures to make the surveyors’ life simpler. Intuitive design and quick learning curve make AutoPlotter Advanced extremely easy to implement and to adapt in all types of organizations where surveying and mapping is the essential task.

Top Reasons to choose AutoPlotter AdvancedReasons



Built-in CAD with all required tools
Direct data import from total station, GPS, or similar instruments
Topographic Map Creation
Contour Generation
Grid Data Generation
Traverse Adjustment
Coordinate Conversion
3D Terrain View

Amazing FeaturesWhy AutoPlotter® Advanced?Explore

With built-in CAD and advanced DTM engine, AutoPlotter Advanced is fully capable of processing survey data collected using total station, GPS or similar equipments to get required Civil Engineering drawings instantly.
Very reasonable subscription rate
Simplistic design and easy workflow
Instant Outputs
Standardize process for improved productivity
Complete Support
Technical assistance to address support issues

Power-packed with ADVANCED FeaturesFeatures

Instant Topographic Map Creation

Automatic identification of survey codes with total control on the drawing.


Different methods of contour definition with provision of filters.

Grid Data Creation

Generate randomly surveyed points to grid with elevation display.

Direct Total Station Data Import

Supports total station raw files, ASCII files, conventional survey instruments data.

UTM LL Conversion

Convert coordinates from UTM to Lat & Long or vice versa.


View data in 3D formats such as surface, lines or points.

Traverse Adjustment

Correct closed or open traverse error based on different methods.

Convert Drawing to Data

Obtain survey data from any drawing file in a single click.

COGO Features

Options that any land surveyor finds useful in routine job.

AutoPlotter Advanced Webinar Series is LIVE!

Learn and explore more about AutoPlotter land survey software such as Topographical Map Creation, Contour Generation, Traverse Adjustment, Grid Data Creation and Co-ordinate Conversion.
Subscription Pricing

Light - Affordable - ADVANCED

Learn and explore more about AutoPlotter land survey software such as Topographical Mapping, Contour Generation, Section Creation, Section with Proposed Profile, Volume Calculation, Traverse Correction and Co-ordinate Conversion.

1 Year Subscription
1 Year Subscription
+ 18% GST
  • Built-in CAD
  • Direct Data Import
  • Contour Generation
  • Contour Filters
  • Contour Annotations
  • Topographic Map Creation
  • Grid Data Generation
  • 3D Terrain View
  • Coordinate Conversion
  • Traverse Adjustment
  • GIS+ Addon available*
3 Years Subscription
3 Years Subscription
+ 18% GST
  • Built-in CAD
  • Direct Data Import
  • Contour Generation
  • Contour Filters
  • Contour Annotations
  • Topographic Map Creation
  • Grid Data Generation
  • 3D Terrain View
  • Coordinate Conversion
  • Traverse Adjustment
  • GIS+ Addon available*
  • Save upto 20%
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People about AutoPlotterWhat are our
clients sayingClients

Fast & Simple!

As a land surveyor, I need to generate contours and topographical maps regularly. With AutoPlotter, it has given me full control of data to directly import it from the total station and generate outputs in the most presentable format in few steps.

A Purandhar
Premier Foundation Consultants

Easy Map Generation

Topographic plan preparation feature is what we most commonly use in AutoPlotter. Our team enjoys the ease that it offers, any new member can learn and carry out the job in a standardized way. Moreover the library can be saved and transferred, so no hassle in map generation.

Srinivasa Chary
SSV Geotech Pvt Ltd

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What is the difference between AutoPlotter Advanced and Professional versions?

Professional version contains all the features required for land surveyor whereas Advanced version is limited to contouring and topographic mapping.

Can I generate Sections in AutoPlotter Advanced?

No, sections cannot be generated. AutoPlotter Pro version is suitable for such requirements.

How is it licensed?

Currently, it is based on 1 year and 3 years subscription.

Is it possible to upgrade to AutoPlotter Pro later?

Yes, it is possible.

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