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Most trusted and accepted land survey software that works on field-to-finish principle.

With AutoPlotter Pro, it does not matter whether you are using Topcon, Trimble, Leica, Sokkia or any other make of total station or any conventional or modern equipment. It is a general land survey software with powerful features for faster and accurate land survey data processing. Our customers have used the software for land development, route planning, mining, hydrographic and hydrological requirements.

While planning any site for construction of buildings, plants or any other infrastructure, AutoPlotter Pro can be useful to know land profile, grading, sections, ground features.

AutoPlotter Pro’s advanced DTM engine helps in generation of cut/fill contours, slope analysis and profiles. Section generation and volume calculation using different methods are the most widely used features of AutoPlotter Pro in mines. Added to it, quick learning curve helps in adapting it easily.

Shoreline surveys and underwater bed profile can be visualized with dredging volume calculation.
Designer while designing road, canal, railway, pipeline or any other alignment, AutoPlotter eases the task by providing better data handling, quick processing and reporting.
Land Development
Route Planning

Top Reasons to choose AutoPlotter Pro Reasons

Simplicity and Elegance

CapabilitiesAutoPlotter Pro

Simplicity and Elegance
Integrated Survey, Design and CAD
Support for all Types of Survey Equipment
Traverse Adjustment and Quality Checks
Instant Topographic Map Creation
Enhanced DTM with Simplistic Design
Automated Workflow for X-Section and Profile
Powerful Earthwork Engine with Graphical Visualization
3D Terrain Visualization

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New FeaturesWhat’s new in AutoPlotter® 10 Pro Explore

With the latest version of AutoPlotter, you will be amazed how easily you can manage and control land survey data. Significant improvement has been done in this land survey software for faster data processing and volumetric calculations, now user has more control over DTM.
Faster Processing
Direct surface creation from large dataset
Better Control on DTM & Sections
TIN editing, DTM merging/extraction, Cross section in edit mode
Enhanced Volume Calculation
Section based volumes along Northing or Easting
Multiple Library Support
Integrate different types of survey coding

Power-packed with New Exciting Features Features

Direct ASCII Import

Direct ASCII files to DTM and surface creation, particularly useful for large data sets where DTM related outputs are required such as contour, volume etc.

Minimum Triangle Area

In case of UAV/LiDAR data very dense points are available creating tiny contours. Using the minimum triangle area filter, these triangles can be filtered out. Value lower than the specified will not be considered.

Minimum Contour Area

Minimum Contour area filter added.

Delete Mesh Node

DTM TIN node deletion to remove selected TIN nodes.

Swap Triangle

DTM TIN side swap option to swap the triangle’s side.

Improved 3D Terrain

Supports point cloud view based on intensity, elevation, RGB color. Also supports DTM & DEM with option to view current DTM only. Earlier all DTMs were being selected.

Merge DTMs

Create a new DTM based on two separate DTMs with boundary reference.

Profile on DTM

Profile on DTM enhanced to true condition of DTM even if interval is changed.

Terrain Volume by Section

Supports point cloud view based on intensity, elevation, RGB color. Also supports DTM & DEM with option to view current DTM only. Earlier all DTMs were being selected.

Profile View Offset Configuration

Offset configuration in profile view to display profiles at multiple offsets from center line.

Multiple Survey Library

Supports multiple survey code libraries, useful when survey is carried out by multiple survey teams/agencies and they follow different coding methodologies.

Geo-tagged Image Viewer

Photogrammetric utility to display geo-tagged images. Multiple photographs can be loaded together, especially useful to identify and locate site features.
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Learn and explore more about AutoPlotter land survey software such as Topographical Mapping, Contour Generation, Section Creation, Section with Proposed Profile, Volume Calculation, Traverse Correction and Co-ordinate Conversion.
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AutoPlotter latest

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Cross Section data generation using AutoPlotter
Cross sections generation is required in many of the construction and infrastructure development activities like mining, roads, railways, airports, real estate to name a few. The data collection varies from site to site.
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All you need to know about Land Mapping & Land Plotting software
Topographic map creation in AutoPlotter is a useful feature for the land surveyors that eases the topo drawing creation from the survey data captured from any make of total station or GPS. Maps can be generated automatically from the data having Northing, Easting, Elevation and reference code.
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Contour mapping software
Quick and easy contour generation
Labelling the contours so that the map is easily read and visualized is a critical part. In AutoPlotter contours can be annotated at end, at specified interval along contour line, at line intersections and / or at selected locations of contours.
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How AutoPlotter handles various survey data types
AutoPlotter is compatible with data received from almost all the conventional and modern surveying instruments.
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Topography and Contouring using AutoPlotter - Webinar on 25th August, 2020. Register now to know more.
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People about AutoPlotter What are our
clients saying Clients

Fast & Simple!

As a land surveyor, I need to generate contours and topographical maps regularly. With AutoPlotter, it has given me full control of data to directly import it from the total station and generate outputs in the most presentable format in few steps.

A Purandhar
Premier Foundation Consultants

Precise Volume Calculation

We operate one of the largest open cast coal mine in India and our work involves volume calculation on regular basis. We were looking for a land survey software that can help us do this fast and accurately. AutoPlotter has fulfilled this gap very well and the best part is its ease that anyone with little effort can perform this task.

Naval Kishor Singh
South Eastern Coalfields Ltd.

indian oil


Which is the current version of AutoPlotter Pro?

Latest version is AutoPlotter 10 Professional.

How to upgrade the software to the latest version?

Please submit your enquiry here with upgrade option selected, we’ll contact and assist you further.

How do I evaluate the software?

Please register/login to download the evaluation kit.

Is it possible to generate cross sections in AutoPlotter Pro?

Yes, it is possible to generate cross sections in AutoPlotter Pro. However, for detailed road/railway cross sections, Road Estimator would be required.

How many systems can we install and use the software?

With a standalone dongle/key, software can be used only in one system at a time.

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