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Stockpile is a pile or storage of materials/product. In the mining, this could be the dump of material/mineral extracted through the mining process. Stockpiles exist across many industries and these include construction areas, industrial facilities, refineries and ports.

The stockpile volume calculation is an important part of any business. It's not just a simple matter of measuring the materials lying around on the floor, but it requires you to use surveying technology to accurately measure the volume of your accumulated materials. This means that you'll need to know how much material is in your stockpile, how much is needed for moving or production, and how much space will be needed for storing it.
There are different ways to measure stockpiles and some of them are:
Total Station: A surveying tool used by professionals to measure the coordinates
GPS: Survey grade GPS measures in global coordinates
Other modern technologies: includes scanners, drones etc.
If you're in the mining industry, you know that stockpiles are a huge part of your business. Whether you're storing material extracted through mining, or just keeping track of what's been extracted so far, a stockpile is a valuable resource. But how do you calculate the volume of your stockpile? There are different ways volumes of such stockpiles are obtained.

The first way is to measure them manually which involves extensive exercise in CAD and spreadsheet programs to plot and calculate the quantity. This method might be laborious and might result with erroneous results.

Another way which is more common is by using software applications that eases this procedure. AutoPlotter is one such software that is predominantly used for volume calculation by processing the survey data.

Why AutoPlotter Pro Software for Stockpile Surveys?

AutoPlotter Pro is our general land surveying solution with powerful features and accurate processing. It is often used in route planning, mining, hydrological and hydrographic requirements. Some of the widely known features of AutoPlotter Pro Software include cut/fill contours, slope area generation, section generation and volume calculation using different methods.

Benefits of AutoPlotter Pro

Ease of Use: AutoPlotter enables the construction or mine engineers to estimate the volume of the stockpile with ease, and the tools are also friendly to use.
Quick and Reliable results: Manual operations are generally more prone to errors and time-consuming processes. Different methods of computations using AutoPlotter are extremely fast and produces accurate results
Proven Tool: AutoPlotter is being used for more than two decades and its processes & results are widely accepted as standard formats
AutoPlotter, a flagship product of Infycons, is one of the most popular and powerful software for surveying the community. AutoPlotter is being used by leading consulting firms, contracting firms, government & public bodies, and surveying professionals around the globe to interface with surveying field equipment and process and produce final deliverables with a lot of ease.

Why use AutoPlotter Pro Volumes for Stockpile Surveys?

Accurate Analysis of stockpile volume on sites that increases your business value.
Ensures accurate reporting for better planning and decision-making.
Enhances the supply chain and planning.
Stockpiling measurement and auditing have become easier.
Powerful graphic visualisation
Instant Topographic Map Creation

How does the Auto Plotter Calculate the Stockpile Volume?

First, the data from the material site is collected using site surveying instruments, which contain coordinate data. This data is imported into the Auto Plotter software to estimate stockpile volume accurately. It supports multiple data formats that help to calculate the volume with extreme ease and precise results.


How to calculate Stockpile Site Volume using Autoplotter?

The software automatically reads the data of various surveying instruments and helps to generate the accurate volumes using different methods. This way, one can analyse the stockpile volume estimation with an easy, fast and reliable technique. 

What is stockpile measurement?

Stockpile measurement is the technique used to determine a commodity stockpile’s size, weight, or volume. 

Which industries can benefit from stockpile volume calculation software?

Construction, mining, industrial, ports and similar industries can benefit from stockpile volume calculation software.

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