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From roads to bridges, buildings to industrial areas, and everything in between, land surveying has become vital. Land surveying software solutions can be explored to achieve the most precise results from the collected measurements and the latest data to design and build a better world. With more than two decades of experience, the dedicated team of engineers and professionals at Infycons develop the best land surveying software for civil engineers, mining engineers, and transport developers. Easy and affordable land survey solutions to all survey needs are what we pride ourselves on.

How Does Land Surveying Work?

Land surveying is the process of measuring land, typically to determine the boundary lines and to produce a map of the area. Land surveying may be conducted for a variety of other reasons including:
to know the profile of a land
to know land features, natural resources, etc.
to know the quantities of material excavated or filled
to know the slope of the ground etc.

Land surveyors use a range of tools and techniques such as total-stations, GPS, other conventional and modern instruments to measure distances, angles, elevations and other properties. To establish maps that can be used by others, total station survey software, GIS Mapping software etc. are used.

Survey Mapping

A map is a symbolic representation of any space that emphasises linkages between areas, themes, and things. Survey Mapping enables land surveyors to analyse, capture, store, manage, manipulate, and present all sorts of geographically referenced data.

Best Land Surveying Software

The best land surveying software solution is one that enables land surveyors to easily plot survey drawings.

When you're using a land surveying software tool, you don't have to worry about whether or not your drawing will be accurate. The best ones are designed to make sure that everything looks just right. You'll have no trouble finding the information you need in a simple fashion, and your drawing will be easy to read and to understand. A tool that's easy to use, doesn't need much training, and can do the job right away.

Our Offerings

Land surveyors are the backbone of any successful project. They know the land and its intricacies, and they can make sure all the details are in order even before construction begins.

But when you're working with a new client for the first time, or trying to get multiple projects completed at once, it can be hard to keep up with all that drawing work. That's where we come in!

Our software solution will help you manage your projects from start to finish from land surveying drawings to final reports and more. It allows you to easily process your observations and plans, then share them with clients or other stakeholders so everyone has an updated understanding of what is happening on site.

With our software solution, you'll be able to get on with what matters most—working with clients and getting projects finished—and leave the rest up to us!
AutoPlotter, a flagship product of Infycons, is one of the most popular and powerful software for surveying the community. AutoPlotter is being used by leading consulting firms, contracting firms, government & public bodies, and surveying professionals around the globe to interface with surveying field equipment and process and produce final deliverables with a lot of ease.
GIS+ is a survey mapping software that provides value addition for mapping with functionalities of automatic parcel/block creation. This can be further overlayed with attributes that can be attached to entities. With query-based search, data can be represented in drawing for visualization, which will ultimately help in better decision-making. Specifically useful for the field staff to quickly prepare maps and attach attributes to them so they can be adopted into the standard GIS environment.

Why Choose Autoplotter for Land Surveying?

One of the best surveying solutions, AutoPlotter is a civil survey software having powerful features for accurate and faster land survey data processing. It can be used to know the land profile, grading, sections, and ground features for constructing buildings, plants, or other infrastructure. Its advanced DTM engine helps in the generation of cut/fill contours, slope analysis, and profiles. Section generation and volume calculation with different methods are some of the most widely used features of AutoPlotter Pro. It simplifies the task by ensuring better data handling, quick processing, and reporting.

If you know exactly what you need, great! Infycons will cater to all your survey requirements.

Not sure what you need? Still, no need to worry. Simply get in touch with us, and we can offer professional advice on what you'll need for your project and help you process all the survey data you require to complete a project successfully.


What Is Surveying and Mapping?

Surveying and Mapping comprise geospatial measurement and representation that includes land surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing, cartography, global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), and parts of geography and civil engineering.

What Is a Total Station?

Total Station Survey Software combines Electromagnetic Distance Measuring instruments and Electronic Theodolite. It is used to measure horizontal angles, vertical angles, and the sloping distance of an object to the instrument.

How is surveying used in GIS?

Geographic Information Systems or GIS are central repositories for data that are used for analysis in planning, surveying, construction, and management. These survey mapping software enable users to search for information about particular geographical areas, edit the data, analyze spatial information, and create maps, charts as well as reports. Surveying helps at the very first level of the process to collect the ground level data for further processing in GIS solutions.

Why do I need Land survey software?

Land surveying software aids in processing the land survey data to make it meaningful for engineering or other required purposes.

What are the different types of survey mapping?

A land survey comprises of measurement of both man-made and natural features using the principles of mathematics, geometry, and other sciences. There are different forms of survey mapping such as boundary surveys, construction surveys, location surveys, site planning surveys, subdivision surveys, and topographic surveys.

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