How AutoPlotter handles various survey data types

April 12, 2021

AutoPlotter is compatible with data received from almost all the conventional and modern surveying instruments.

After land surveying is completed, a proper platform is required to transfer and analyze the recorded data. Number of days or survey teams required to complete the job depend on various factors including area to be surveyed, completion date, surveyor’s experience level. Deciding on the type of instrument such as total-station or GPS or both, is again critical because it can affect the speed and accuracy. All these may result in getting multiple data files of different formats. AutoPlotter is designed to receive all these survey data on single platform to collate and to analyze it for various engineering applications.

Though theodolite, tacheometer, chain & compass are conventional, they are not outdated and find their own users for specific requirements. That is the reason that AutoPlotter still supports all these instruments’ data and can be input in the field book format itself.

AutoPlotter can accept data from modern equipments like Total station, GPS/DGPS, EDM etc.  Data captured using popular brands such as Trimble, Leica, Sokkia / Topcon etc. can be directly taken into the software in its native format and required outputs can be generated in a few clicks. The software even facilitates data correction e.g. out of all the stations, a particular station’s level was entered incorrectly by mistake. Such errors can be corrected including corrections for all the site shots taken from that station.

For large data collected using other modern technologies, AutoPlotter can directly create surface, thus saving on data processing time.Sometimes it may be required to generate data from any existing drawing. The drawing can have only spot levels or different entities such as lines, polylines, points, texts etc. in it. AutoPlotter can generate survey data of certain entities or of the complete drawing as per requirement.

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