Median or Footpath (Sidewalk) Kerb

August 19, 2020

Lookup: Definition of Curb

While defining template in Road Estimator, kerb can be inserted by selecting the required one from the list displayed. The point of insertion can be median, carriageway, paved shoulder, earthen shoulder edge on either left side or on the right side of the road.

Road Estimator creates a Kerb folder in the route directory while installing the software and few predefined kerbs are already saved in it. 

Apart from these, the users can create kerb of any shape they require from the Symbol Editor. It can be drawn using the CAD commands.

Road Estimator has special features for defining outline and trimline of a kerb. Outline shows the finished road path on the kerb. Whereas trimline automatically trims off the design / pavement layers where they touch the kerb.

This ensures correct quantity calculation of the materials used in the crust.

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