Topographic map creation using basemaps in AutoPlotter

February 7, 2022

Topographic map creation in AutoPlotter is a useful feature for the land surveyors apart from contour creation, cross section generation, volume calculation etc. that eases the topo drawing creation from the survey data captured from any make of total station or GPS. Maps can be generated automatically from the data having Northing, Easting, Elevation and reference code.

Nowadays advancements in technologies have led to easing this process further or added assistance so that it helps to capture detailed information in the final drawing. In AutoPlotter GIS too, it is possible to load different basemaps while mapping that can act as a reference to know if any important data have been missed while surveying. It is even possible to create features for the representation purpose in the topographic drawing from the basemap itself.

Another important feature is to load the ortho images captured either from software like QGIS as tiles or after processing drone images. Images loading has been optimized to display all the tiles together or as per the area of interest. In case of ortho images obtained from drone survey, it is possible to generate topographic drawing.

Complete process has been demonstrated in detail in the webinar video:

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